Due to different needs of  specific clients in regard to certain sublimation paper types, different printing techniques, materials and applications – we offer several types of sublimation papers in different grammages and with different coatings.

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We also offer protective (interleaving) papers for calenders. It is a type of paper required during the transfer of the print from the sublimation paper to the final product, using the calender.

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We also offer sublimation paper printing services for companies who have their own transfer heat presses and want to transfer the print to their own product.

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We import and distribute sublimation and interleaving paper used in digital printing. For the last 20 years, we have been offering products which are the effect of the best technological discoveries in the sublimation printing industry.

In order to provide papers of best quality, we also offer sublimation print services which allows us to offer papers tried in broadly defined sublimation print.

We offer a wide variety of sublimation papers with different characteristics adjusted to:

- application (fabrics, knitwear, porcelain, glass, metal and other)

- type of prints (different types of paper for metric printing, different for cut-outs)

- the way the transfer is performed (different paper for calenders, different for flat press)

- technological advancement and types of machines used

- other conditions and preferences of the printing companies.

Therefore, in order to answer needs of different clients, we offer:

  1. Sublimation papers in different grammages: 40g, 45g, 60g, 70g, 75g, 85g, 90g, 95g, 100g

2) Sublimation papers with different overlay:

- quick-drying

- sticky

- standard coating

- economic, for high volume printing


The above mentioned papers are produced for us in the finest factories. We receive the paper in large Jumbo rolls and transfer it to rolls of various beams and widths. Therefore we can also offer papers with unusual widths – which is often preferred by clients due to the economy of the used paper.

We provide constant, repeatable and high quality of offered sublimation papers, as well as constant availability of the goods in stock. We have a 600 sqm warehouse which is filled by rolls of paper transferred to smaller rolls for plotters, as well as large Jumbo rolls ready to be rewrapped.

If you’re not satisfied with a quality offered by other suppliers, try our quality instead. Our products will surely satisfy your needs.

We invite You to sample our paper.