Dear customers - from 25/05/2018 of all entrepreneurs in the European Union, the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27/04/2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on free movement applies such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (usually referred to as "GDPR" or "General Data Protection Regulation").

In conducting business, I am the administrator of the basic personal data of my clients, received directly or indirectly from them - at the time of making purchases with me. Apart from me, access to this data can only be granted to entities authorized to obtain it under applicable law (e.g. courts, law enforcement, tax administration authorities) - of course only if they make a request based on an appropriate legal basis.

All data processing must be based on an appropriate legal basis in accordance with applicable regulations.

The legal basis for data processing for the purposes of the goods sale services I provide, is the necessity to perform contracts for their provision. By selling specific goods - each time the seller and buyer agree on the form of its sale - the price, shipping options, payment, delivery date and other possible additional conditions are determined. The above arrangements constitute the legal basis for each sale. To be able to fully realize this sale, you must use the personal data of the buyer (of course, sticking to the established security policy in terms of their processing and storage).

To be able to sell and then deliver the goods purchased by the customer along with the paid parcel - when making sales activities, you must use their data (name, surname, company name, address, telephone number, tax identification number, bank account number) - on envelopes, packages, shipping forms (postal or courier), for possible bank transfers (online or at the bank's headquarters), on sales documents (invoices). Access to them, therefore, because of my obligation as a seller to fulfill all the agreed terms of sale - so they will get courier companies or the post office and banks (when making a possible transfer) - it is necessary for such sale to be fully realized.

I do not run competitions, loyalty programs or other marketing activities in which my clients' data could be disclosed and used by other third parties.

All accounting is kept at the company's headquarters.

Customer personal data is stored in a legal accounting program installed on a company computer, protected by a legal anti-virus program and an access password, and in the form of paper invoices and shipping documents or bank documents, which are stored in a locked safe and used only for accounting and shipping purposes. The company's headquarters is monitored for security reasons (data is not transferred to anyone and is periodically deleted every 3 months).

As a company, we have introduced an internal security policy and personal data protection (privacy policy).

Dear customers - by purchasing goods at Transfer Paper Sp. z o.o. - you agree to the processing of the personal data sent after 25.05.2018. Providing personal information is voluntary.

Personal data is not subject to profiling.

Your personal data will be stored for the period in which our company contacts you in connection with the implementation of the contract and after this period: - for the period required by the relevant legal provisions regarding the storage of accounting and tax documentation in order to fulfill the legal obligations incumbent on the company Transfer Paper Sp. z o.o. - for the period of limitation of claims specified in legal regulations in order to pursue or defend claims related to the conducted business activity. In addition, you have the right at any time to request the deletion or modification of personal data sent, limit their processing, the right to object to the processing and withdraw your consent at any time.

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