Due to different needs of specific clients in regard to certain sublimation paper types, different printing techniques, materials and applications – we offer several types of sublimation papers in different grammages and with different coatings.

- Sublimation paper 60g L with light coating (for metric printing)
- Sublimation paper 75g L quick drying

- Sublimation paper 90g L quick drying

- Sublimation paper 60g MS with standard coating

- Sublimation paper 70g MS with standard coating

- Sublimation paper 85g MS with standard coating 
- Sublimation paper 100g MS with standard coating
- Sublimation paper 95g EL economic quick drying

- Sublimation paper 100g S with sticky coating

- Sublimation paper 100g HS with reinforced sticky coating


Special coating on papers:

- allow reduction of ink usage

- guarantee perfect results of the transfer

- guarantee precise transfer of print details

- provide perfect colour representation

- allow the prints to have a perfect (up to 98%) colour rendering index

- provide very good absorbent characteristics of the paper – no need to dry the ink

- prevent the wrinkling effect

- are designed for applications on sports clothing, metric fabrics, light apparel etc.


We offer sublimation papers in different widths: 150mm, 160mm, 210mm, 280mm, 300mm, 330mm, 420mm, 440mm, 510mm, 600mm, 710mm, 810mm, 910mm, 1080mm, 1118mm, 1320mm, 1450mm, 1610mm, 1620mm, 2580mm.

It is also possible to order paper in any other width. We rewrap rolls by 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 linear metres (depending on grammage).